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Where do Alpacas come from?
How much room do Alpacas need?
Can you eat Alpacas?
Are Alpacas eay to care for?
How long do Alpacas live?
What do Alpacas eat?
How much do Alpacas eat?

Where do Alpacas come from?

The largest populations of Alpacas are located in the South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. It is believed that the Alpaca descended from the Vicuna having been revered by the Inca people for their luxurious fibre.

How much room to Alpacas need?

It is usually recommended that you allow one acre of land for 5 Alpacas, but some farms will keep more than that. It depends somewhat on the terrain and availability of pasture.

Can you eat Alpacas?

People in South American countries do eat Alpacas. but there is not alot of meat on them, so its alright if you like to suck on bones! We prefer not to eat our Alpacas, as it would be like eating one of the family.

Are Alpacas easy to care for?

Alpacas are an easy animal to maintain. They require basic shelter to protect them from extremes of heat and cold and a good supply of grass or hay and fresh water. For more information please see our pages on Caring for Alpacas.

How long do Alpacas live?

Approximately 20 to 25 years if well cared for.

What do Alpacas eat?

Alpacas are herbivores and so they eat and digest vegetation. They are also ruminants, so they chew the cud. Primarily Alpacas eat grass and hay but are known to eat hedgerow plants and wild flowers. Care must me taken that toxic plants such as rhododendrons, holly and ragwort are not in reach of their long necks. It is also usual to give them feed supplements to ensure that they get the right balance of nutrients.

How much do Alpacas eat?

Approximately 25-40 Kgs of hay will usually be enough to feed 20 to 25 Alpacas per day.

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